Welcome to the Pride Promotions F.A.Q. Page.

How do I become a tour host?

Pride is always open to new blogs that are LGBT inclusive. You can send an e-mail to Will@pride-promotions.com and let him know that you’re interested. Send the name of your blog and the e-mail address you’d like us to use and we’ll be more than happy to have you on our tour list.


How much notice do I need to give to book a tour?

The time varies per the type of tour, but we ask at least 14-21 days notice. This gives us time to book the blogs and get the graphics together for your tour.


How do you promote my book?

We post ads Monday – Friday (unless a special tour is set up on the weekends) on Facebook and Twitter. They show your book cover, the blurb, the stops for your tour, and the links for the stops. Once we reach the end of the tour dates, it’s not over. We run ads for several days past (usually one week from the final date of the tour) so that people are reminded about your book, as well as the contest taking place and encouraging them to check it out.