Two years ago Paul took a chance on me. He and I discussed it, and he said I could stay home and work on writing and Pride Promotions. Because of his faith in me, and that the authors placed in us, and the incredible amount of help that the bloggers have provided, Pride grew and grew. But….

As it continued to grow, the writing that I was hoping to do wasn’t able to get done. I’d get up in the morning and start working on tours and promoting the wonderful authors whose books you’ve enjoyed. But, unfortunately, the stories in my head didn’t get any closer to paper.

Today Paul and I had another discussion, and he’s going to take a chance on me yet again. Beginning June 1st, we are going to stop taking new orders for Pride. Any orders we have already will still get our full attention. We would never leave anyone in the lurch. If you’ve got a tour with us, you have our promise that we will show the same commitment to you that we strive to show to anyone who uses our service.

After that, we will be closing Pride Promotions, and I will start life as a full-time writer. One of the many reasons is that K.C. Wells and I are working on something, and I want to be able to give it my full attention, so I feel as though I’m a full partner in the story.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the authors, the bloggers, the readers, and everyone who has been a part of our tours in any way, shape, or form. You’ve given us something memorable, and we really appreciate it.

Paul & Will






Hipster Monkey